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International road freight forwarding

international road freight forwardingThe organization of international road freight forwarding belongs to HAARMANN group of companies’ main spheres of activity. The presence of our offices in Lithuania, Russia and Belarus allows us to offer our clients optimal logistic schemes and routes and provide door-to-door deliveries in shortest time.

Freight geography

Our import and export road freight geography embraces the countries of Europe, CIS, Middle Asia and Caucasian region. We provide delivery from all European countries to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldavia (including the territories out of Carnet-TIR system), as well as to the countries of Middle Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan) and the countries of Caucasian region (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan). Delivery services are also available for cargo transportations within the borders of CIS.

Cooperation with HAARMANN group of companies means really great opportunities. We are ready to deliver goods from 1m3 as a part of LCL shipment as well as loads weighing hundreds of tons by organizing oversized or heavy-weight cargo transportation. If your cargo requires peculiar handling or special container, we can provide the services of dangerous cargo transportation, refrigerators with temperature regime from -20 to +20 C as means of transport, liquid cargo transportation, multimodal freight organization. Consolidation services, import and export customs clearance, cargo insurance, loading and unloading belong to the range of our services, which helps us to satisfy the needs of most demanding customers.

Transport we use

We perform more than 200 deliveries per month, therefore we are able to arrange any kind of transport anywhere and any time needed just as the biggest world freight forwarding companies do.

HAARMANN group of companies organizes road freight forwarding in strict adherence to CMR, Carnet-TIR and UNECE international agreements. We can also organize freight according to Carnet-ATA norms (temporary import, e.g. exhibition items, stage properties).

HAARMANN team has great practical experience in solving problem situations that may occur on entering customs union territory (inaccurate or incorrect documents registration). We are always ready to solve any problems posed and guarantee safe delivery on time.

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International freight forwarding