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Transportation of the oversized cargo from Latvia to Russia, dimensions 4960*2600 mm

LCL transportation

LCL transportation LCL transportation involves the delivery of loads belonging to different clients by single means of transport. Consolidated consignments can turn out to be most economically advantageous solution for transportation of small shipments for large distances. Such type of cargo transportation allows small-scale and medium-scale enterprises to purchase goods according to the volume and within the time needed

International LCL transportation belongs to one of the main spheres of HAARMANN activity. We provide the delivery of consolidated consignments from 1m3 with the help of road transport. Our major routes include LCL delivery from Europe to Russia and the countries of CIS.

The door-to-door principle is widely used in the course of our work. We can provide the delivery of your goods from any place in Europe to the warehouses in Germany, Lithuania or Poland any time needed and afterwards transport them to the place of destination.

HAARMANN group of companies provides full range of services in the sphere of LCL transportation:

HAARMANN specialists have more than 15 years  experience in LCL transportation management and are well aware of its peculiarities and possible difficulties that may occur. We are able to solve all the problems connected with cargo delivery, provide consolidation services, transport the loads to EU warehouses, ensure strict adherence to the dates of delivery. Personal managers provided to each client can consult you on all questions you may have in the course of our cooperation, help to form optimal consignments of goods and manage the entire logistics scheme.

Internationally famous brands such as Caterpillar, Sportmaster and Magna leave the delivery of their cargo to us. Join to our clients to experience mutual cooperation. 

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