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Liquid cargo transportation

Liquid cargo transportation International liquid cargo transportation belongs to one of the main services provided by HAARMANN group of companies. The transport used for liquid cargo delivery includes single-section and mult-isection tank trucks of cubic capacity up from 20 to 54 m3.

Freight geography:

Types of liquid cargo we transport:

Food products transportation is organized in strict adherence to sanitary and epidemiological norms with the help of tank trucks that passed special sanitary control. Particular emphasis is made on the cleanness of tank trucks that is thoroughly controlled before dispatch. Because of these measures our clients can be sure in the safety of their cargo during transportation.

Liquid cargo transportation includes:

Types of transport used for liquid cargo transportation also include tank trucks with the system of temperature control and regulation (refrigerator tanks, steam-heating tanks, tanks with autonomous heating).

The maintenance of cargo climate is ensured by strict control and special obligatory instructions. All the drivers pass special training and hold international ADR licenses which allow them to access the transportation of dangerous liquid cargo.

Liquid cargo transportation with HAARMANN means:

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