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Multimodal freight

Multimodal freight Multimodal freight forwarding presupposes the delivery of goods using different means of transport (road, sea, rail or air transport) in any combination.

Main advantages of multimodal freight forwarding include the reduction of delivery time and minimization of transport expenses. This becomes possible due to professional combination of various means of transportation and  using its advantages. It is important to mention the fact that one single company  takes all the responsibility for the entire process of transportation, which means minimizing of time spent on technical problems solving and on bureaucratic hurdles.

International multimodal freight can be considered as one of the most demanding types of freight forwarding. It requires high level of commitment, responsibility and actions coordination on each stage of transportation from the part of everyone involved in the process. The practical experience HAARMANN team possesses in this sphere, the long-established network of reliable partners all over the world and the optimization of routes according to clients’ needs account for the key factors to choose our company.

HAARMANN services include:

Multimodal freight forwarding with HAARMANN means:

While working in the sphere of multimodal freight forwarding HAARMANN specialists accumulated great practical experience, which allows them to foresee possible difficulties and to organize the process of freight to exlude any delays, Demurrage and unexpected expences.A wide network of reliable partners all over the world helps us to organize the delivery of any kinds of goods in the fastest, safest and most satisfactory way.

We are trusted by most reputable brands. Join to our clients to experience mutual cooperation.

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