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Transportation of the oversized cargo from Latvia to Russia, dimensions 4960*2600 mm

International freight forwarding

HAARMANN group of companies provides full range of services in the sphere of road and sea freight forwarding throughout the world, majoring in international road freight from Europe to Russia and CIS countries.

HAARMANN services include:

Our employees are highly competent specialists with more than 15 years experience in international freight forwarding., Gained experience allows us to foresee possible difficulties and to organize the process of freight to exlude any delays, Demurrage and unexpected expences.

HAARMANN reliability
Our liability is insured in international insurance companies for the sum of 250 000 euro against all insured events. We control the quality of each freight forwarding; the deliveries are performed in strict compliance with the norms of CMR, Carnet-TIR and UNECE international agreements.


We are trusted partner for such brands as as Caterpillar, Magna, Sportmaster and others. Get all the benefits from cooperation with us! Contact us and request the rate for your freight forwarding.

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International freight forwarding