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Transportation of the oversized cargo from Latvia to Russia, dimensions 4960*2600 mm

Oversized cargo transportation

Oversized cargo transportationAll the cargoes that cannot be transported with the help of standard road means of transportation belong to the category of oversized cargoes. This category usually includes road construction equipment, industrial equipment, drilling units, etc. Oversized cargo transportation is a very demanding process requiring great responsibility from the part of forwarding agent. The process of loading and unloading often involves special equipment; transportation process requires getting permissions, thorough and professional route development, signing agreements with road authorities.

International oversized and heavy-weight cargo transportation by means of road transport belongs to one of the main services provided by HAARMANN group of companies. Our specialists have more than 15 years experience in this sphere, which allows us to considerably lower transport expenses and organize the delivery in shortest time.  

Types of oversized and heavy-weight cargo we can transport:

HAARMANN group of companies provides full range of services connected with oversized cargo transportation, including cargo insurance, overall preparation of forwarding documents, customs clearance, loading, unloading and rigging services. Our specialists are perfectly aware of all the peculiarities of European and CIS legislation concerning oversized cargo transportation, which allows us to eliminate delays and idle hours.

Oversized cargo transportation with HAARMANN means:

Make the right choice and leave the transportation of your oversized and heavy-weight cargo transportation to professionals of HAARMANN group of companies.

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